coronavirus pandemic and lgbtq+ mental health

this research, conducted by the prevention research center and its student affiliate group lgbtq+ students and allies in public health, examined the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on lgbtq+ college students at umd and across the united states

beyond the below research products, data from this project have been used to advocate to university leadership for resources and support for the lgbtq+ community at umd

peer-reviewed publications

Salerno, J. P., Gattamorta, K., Pease, M., Smith-Bynum, M., Fryer, C. S., & Fish, J. N. (Under review). A critical intersectional analysis of racism and sexual and gender minority stress among LGBTQ university students of color in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Salerno, J. P., Devadas, J., Pease, M., Nketia, B., & Fish, J. N. (2020). Minority stress amidst the COVID-19 pandemic: Implications for LGBTQ youth’s mental health and wellbeing. Public Health Reports, 135(6).

technical reports

Salerno, J. P., Pease, M., Devadas, J., & Nketia, B. (2020, August). COVID-19-related stress among LGBTQ+ university students: Results of a U.S. national survey. UMD Prevention Research Center.

Salerno, J. P., Nketia, B., Pease, M., Devadas, J., Salih, H., Fish, J. N. (2020, August). Mental health and pandemic stressors among University of Maryland LGBTQ+ students during COVID-19. UMD Prevention Research Center.


national lgbtq+ health conference

Pease, M.,Fish, J. N., Gattamorta,K. A.,Fryer, C. S., Smith-Bynum, M. A., & Salerno,J. P.(2022, July). At the intersection of racism and LGBTQ+-related identity concealment: Effect on moderate-to-severe psychological distress among LGBTQ+ college students of color. Oral presentation at the National LGBTQ Health Conference. Chicago, IL.

united states army corps of engineers

Fish, J. N., Pease, M., Lasziac, S. (2021, June). Mental health risk and resilience among LGBTQ populations: The science of minority stress and how to combat it. Virtual oral presentation at the United State Army Corps of Engineers LGBTQ Community Observance Program.

prevention research center

Salerno, J. P., Pease, M., Nketia, B, Devadas, J., & Fish, J. N. (2020, September). The mental health impacts of COVID-19 on LGBTQ college students [Oral presentation]. UMD Prevention Research Center. College Park, MD.

Salerno, J. P., Pease, M., Nketia, B., Devadas, J., Fish, J. N. (2020, July) LGBTQ+ college students’ mental health during COVID-19: Preliminary findings [Oral presentation]. UMD School of Public Health. College Park, MD.

press coverage

nbc news – covid crisis is exacerbating lgbtq alcohol abuse, studies find

associations of schools and programs of public health – public health reports: sexual and gender minority stress amid the covid-19 pandemic: implications for lgbtq young person’ mental health and well-being

the diamondback – more lgbtq+ students are reporting psychological distress amid covid, umd study shows

maryland today – lgbtq+ students struggle during pandemic, survey finds

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