neural effects of racism

using an experimental electroencephalography (EEG) methodology, this study examined the neural effects of anti-Black racial stigma and their implications for mental health


association for psychological science 2020

Risco, C. M., Butler, D., Fix, S. T., Reece, T., Pease, M., Birgin, A., Quiroga, K., Reardon, N., Leininger, A., Davis, K., & Bernat, E. M. (2020, June). Development and validation of a novel cue-based paradigm for examining cognitive-affective reactivity to racial stigma. Poster presented virtually at the Association for Psychological Science Poster Showcase.

university of maryland (various)

Pease, M., Birgin, A., Quiroga, K., Reardon, N., Leininger, A., & Davis, K. (2019, November). Examining cognitive-affective reactivity to racial stigma: Implications for risk behavior. Poster presented at the UMD First-Year Innovation and Research Experience Summit, College Park, MD. Poster also presented at the UMD Undergraduate Student Research Day at the Maryland General Assembly in March 2020, Annapolis, MD. Poster also presented virtually at the UMD Psychology Research Fair in April 2020.

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